About Combo

An introduction to classical ballet technique and jazz technique. Teaches fundamentals such as balance, coordination and discipline. (Ages 3+)
  • Please ensure your child has used the restroom before class begins. This way there will be fewer disruptions during class time.
  • Parents are NOT allowed into the studio. If your child is upset or needs the restroom the teacher will escort your child out of the classroom to you.
  • Please observe the safety rules of the studio. No child can be allowed to enter the dance studio without a teacher present, no running anywhere in the studio.
  • We also have courtesy rules, such as listening to the teacher, not interrupting in class, pushing in lines, invading another child’s space etc…
  • We certainly understand that many children have separation anxiety, but dancers typically overcome their fear quickly and enjoy their dance classes immensely. This will require some trust on the part of the parents, so that the children know they are safe with us.
  • We have viewing windows at the studio, which allow you to watch your child during class. Sometimes this can be a distraction to the children. You know your child; if you feel they would be distracted by you through the window then please move back. You will still be able to view the class from a distance.
  • Please bear in mind, in some instances, even though your child may love to dance at home, they may not be ready for a structured classroom environment. If the teacher thinks that this is the case, then it will be discussed. Your child may need to wait another six months before they are ready for this kind of structured activity.
  • If you have any questions at all, please ask. We will answer all of your questions as best we can.


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